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Hello Min. McCarty,

 I am still so blessed by the Women 2 Woman Mentoring Institute I attended at your home last Feb. I will forever remember how you and your fellow crusaders blessed my heart.Yes, and the food, of course. I learned so much from my experience. And let me not forget Pastor McCarty on the last night when we received our prayer shawls! Awesome experience for me.  Oh, and thank you for the lessons you send through your ministry. I am sending you this email because last year I attended the Honeycomb Conf and stood in the gap for a couple who were desiring a baby. They are a young couple who had a previous devastating miscarriage, and she was having some challenges getting pregnant afterwards. I laid Stephanie's name on the altar when all of us  went forward to pray. I believed God for a child for my friend. To God be the glory, Caleb was born last Fri! All 8lbs. 4oz of him  was perfect!!! God was faithful!   Thank you for your ministry!! I am just one of the thousands who has seen the manifestation of your work in Christ. It will not go unnoticed. I bless God for you and your husband. May He shower down on your family blessings you cannot contain.  You made a difference in my life.You helped me to see the power within me, to bring forth God's promise for someone else. Excited about what I can do for ME!  ~Sincerely grateful, Connie Taylor 2014


I just wanted to thank you for encouraging me to attend the W2W mentoring institute. It was a spiritual cleansing, restoring and renewing that took place in my life because of all the wisdom,love and knowledge from you and the other teachers. Mrs Janet's stories of her divorce and her daughter's story really took me back into rememberance of my divorce and the chains God loosed me from, but also the forgiveness too. You really taught me about standing up against fear because there's a Kingdom in me and I have a lot to do for God's Kingdom with the gift and anointing that He's blessed me with to bless others. I learned that I had to totally surrender my all and desire to do His Complete Will no matter what. Also, the bond I developed with the other women and the youth students is something I'll always cherish in my heart.Thank you again and everyone else that helped to make this a life changing experience for me.  ~Capri Talley - Cordova, TN


Pastor Darlene,

Attending the institute was a great privilege. Thank you for everything. When you get a chance, would you please email me the website where I can purchase the prayer shawls. I want to get them for our school of ministry graduates.  Covering you, Pat Beaty -  Breham, TX

Oh Pastor Darlene ~ God bless you! I'm so excited about what the Lord is doing through this Mentoring teaching. I've invited a few ladies to my house next week to share with them the teaching material that you gave us in our binders. I've made copies and will share with them next Monday evening at my home!!! One lady has been completely set free from alcoholism and desires a closer walk with the Lord and the other lady is my sister that has struggled with abuse, low self-esteem, and abortion for the last 20 years of her life!!! We are going to start small and allow God to grow us. But most importantly is for us to pass it forward and keep growing & growing and giving our Savior all the glory, praise and honor that he so deserves!!!  Thank you and may God continue to richly bless you and Pastor Randall!  ~Carolyn Duncan - St James, MO

Thank u very much for seeding into me and the other ladies!! :)  ~Pam Tatum - Arkansas

I was so deeply honored tonight to be a part of such great preaching, teaching, and revelation. Thank you so very much for this rhema word that poured out. Thank you for the reminder that we have been given the authority to walk in faith, speak the word and believe that whatever we speak, it shall come to pass. There are some things that can hinder us from receiving such as gossip, strife, sin and many other things that will clog our connection to the Lord. Without true obedience, submission, faith, and prayer, we will miss the opportunity to experience the fullness of the Lord and it is rightly prepared just for us. Jesus Christ did a wonderful thing for us by putting his kingdom within us and we should use what He has so graciously given. If it was not for the grace (unmerited, undeserved) favor of God, where would we be? ABSOLUTELY NO WHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks again for allowing the Lord to use you to bless me so much!!!!  ~Yolanda Morris - Memphis, TN


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A stirring that took place during the W2W mentoring institute for level 1 new attendee! Thank you for allowing the Holy Ghost to have his way! I have made new friends and sisters in Christ! I received a refreshing, reestablishing, and a renewed attitude and heart for God's Kingdom Building! This institute has been LIFE CHANGING--I WILL NEVER B THE SAME! ~Quinette Tukes - Cordova,Tennessee

Dear Pastor Darlene,
Thank you so much for having the W2W mentoring class. I have learned so much from you and the speakers. As I grew to know the other women, I realize how much we all too some point have a lot in common. I wanted you to know I appreciate your hospitality. What a blessing you have with all your wonderful staff. Mrs. Janet reminded me of my Mother and Grandmother; waking up with the smell of homemade cooking.

The Holy Spirit touched me in so many ways during the class. I know how precious Pastor Randall and your time is. Pastor Paul also was a blessing. I realize what all I can do now. I will be speaking with people who have lost love ones and with the Esther House in Newport, Ar. We already have John 3:16 for Men recovering from addiction. I have a understanding of what my purpose is and I know I will grow and move to different areas. I might be "Hindered but not Defeated". I will not give in because of my health I may have set backs but I will stand back up and press on.God Bless you and your family! ~Pam Tatum - Batesville, Arkansas

I had a blessed time during those three days and I had a lot of time to rethink and explore some options that will help benefit my family and myself. I want so much out of life; I learned to stay grounded and be patient and wait on the Lord. Since I left the Woman to Woman conference I have been asked to sing at two important events in March; dealing with Women in prayer (women coming together to pray for students in Memphis City Schools) and a program honoring fathers who makes a difference in our communities. I know God has greater things in store for me and I am ready to do all things through Christ Jesus which strengthens me. I will stop allowing my fear of low-self esteem to hinder my success.~Sherica Donelson, Arlington, Tennessee


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Pastor Darlene, I wanted to say Thank You as well for allowing the Holy Spirit to use me in the mentoring institute. The Lord is doing such a work in my life and while at the institute he was showing me a deeper level of love and giving that he desires to do through me. I will always cherish my memories of last week and what I learned. It has definitely changed my outlook on ministry and my life.Love you, Wendy Drumwright, - Lakeland, Tennessee

I was driving home and I felt like I was in another place. I came on in the house and was literally wake until about two. Yes I received and I am thankful for the anointing. I recognize that I could not attend all the sessions but I do know the presence of the living was there. Just wanted to say thank you for an awesome Mentoring Institute! This was done in such a spirit of excellence and you should be commended for your hard work, diligence, prayer, and long hours of preparation. It's just wonderful!! I am still excited because of the opportunities that I had to receive and to give. Thanks for pouring all of yourself out to the Institute and really showing me what I need to focus my attention on. I knew that I love to give encouragement but the gifting was pulled out of me to go deeper. Digging deeper requires more time, more prayer, and more discipline to please God. I am so thankful because you showed me the value that you stand by never giving up and always looking for ways to be a blessing. It's not about the title but it is about the towel. Whatever I can do to help you I want to do just that. My love and blessing to you and Pastor Randel!!!!

God was there. This institute gets better each year because of the devotion Pastor Darlene gives to assuring that we are refreshed and refueled. I get so excited every year because it's an opportunity to really get connected with more sisters and hear the voice of the Lord spoken through the presenters. Just like you fill your car full of gas, my soul needed to be filled and that it was. I am in love with Jesus and I am so thankful for everyone who was a part of the institute this year. It's definitely not by accident but this was DIVINE PROVIDENCE!!!!! To God Be the Glory!!!!!Blessings, Yolanda Morris - Memphis, Tennessee



Mrs Darlene, I really want to thank God for the Mentoring Institute we just had. It was amazing! I thank God for having you as Pastors wife, You surely are a blessed woman of God and I thank You and God for your willingness to serve and listen to God. I was praying to God so that I could go to this womens conference, I did not have the money at the time to go , but God who is so wonderful touched someones heart to pay for my way, and I was able to attend, God bless that person greatly. God really broke me at this conference, he completely changed me, he transformed me totally, I am not the same person that I was. Now I can say that I know God now and that I have a personal relationship with Him. I can now feel the love, and peace, and joy in my life that only God can give. I look forward to attending next years conference level 2. May God bless you Mrs Darlene and give you the strength to continue, you are a blessing to my life as you are to many many others.......
Jodi Espinoza - Collierville, Tennessee

    This has been one of the best weeks of my life. I was excited to connect with many women who are all on the same journey. Desiring deeply to know how I can give of myself in the God's Kingdom and help others realize theirs. I have known that God has been dealing with me for quite some time to get involved and to utilize my spiritual gifts in bringing others to Christ and ministering much more to the hurting. It was and will continue to be a life changing experience. The experience cannot stop there!!!! It must become real in this hurting world. I will have my first meeting at COP Sunday with the absentee ministry. It will be more than calling people; I want this to be a ministry. I want to help grow COP.
    Darlene; the anointing was all over you every day. God has brought you so far in 10 years. I cannot imagine where He is going to take you. You give out so much. I desire that.
    Also, that was the first time since the closing of our company that I truly could honestly believe that God is about to open another door for me and Bernie. He was speaking so much into my spirit last night. Until then, I have dealt with fear. I pray and believed that my faith will go higher than ever before to accomplish and determine how He wants us to go forward.  Love you much, Linda Snyder - Olive Branch, Mississippi

Dear Pastor Darlene,

    I just want to thank you for blessing me again this year.  Yes, I must say that I may have came one way, but I certainly left REFRESHED, RENEWED, and REFOCUSED.  I just wanted to say I truly enjoyed all the old and new faces that I had the opportunity to share with on last week.  I had been going thru so many different things including still trying to deal with the recent death of my mom.  Then  I met these wonderful Women of God who were sharing the same pain as myself , but still seeking a greater relationship with God just as myself.  But after I left the Institute I forgot about everything I was going thru and only had the desire to bless others.  After listening to Janet speak on the "Blessed Life"  I had an even stronger desire to bless others with the word of God.  I began giving out the "One Minute of Praise" books on Saturday as soon as I woke up that morning.  I intended on saving them for Mother's Day, but the Holy Spirit led me a different direction.  After just three days of giving the books out to people who were hurting and going thru so many different problems.  I want you to know that God bless me with a new job on Wednesday morning.  I never even filled out an application.  I wasn't even looking for a job, but I prayed for a financial blessing and he gave me a new job to fill my needs.  GOD IS SO AWESOME!!!!!! Thank you so much.  I'm just another example that God is still in the blessing business.  I love you, and truly, truly Thank God for what you are doing in the lives of others thru your ministries.  ~Tara Scott-Smith - Memphis, TN

    I would like to say a big "Thank You" to you and your W2WMI team for pouring into us last week.  I enjoyed every minute of it - from laughing so much with others to crying as I felt the Holy Spirit pouring His love into me. I learned and experienced so much.  I was so blessed to meet, share, and fellowship with women who were from other states and women and youth at COP. I would also like to thank every person who assisted me - God used you to teach me to accept help (Ms Independent) when I need it - You all blessed me so much! I left there overflowing with joy and love.  The food was delicious - thank you to Mrs. Janet and others!! The Word and teachings were presented in such a way that I knew that my goals were met, and what I hoped to achieve was attained when I left on Friday night.  I will now take all of these wonderful instructions to establish God's will for my life by developing an attitude of righteousness not self-righteousness and to make Christ the lordship of my life.  The attitude of "It is about God not about me." and to be a true servant of God.  To serve God is to serve others. Believers must give their lives in helping others and especially laboring for the spiritual good of all people. You showed me the importance of using the giftings that God has given me.  I realize I have work to do in accomplishing these God given abilities. 

      It took me three years to get to there, but it was well worth the wait!!!  I was hindered but not defeated!!!

     The presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong as you and Pastor prayed and anointed us. I felt as if I were soaring with the angels.  The interpretation that the Holy Spirit gave you affirmed everything that was taught and also instructed us to execute what we learned to further the kingdom of God.

      I highly recommend the W2WMI to all women of God.  It will change your life completely.

      Again, thank you so much for your dedication, encouragement, giving of your time and diligence. May God richly bless you.  I Love You!!!  ~Rita Garner - Byhalia, Mississippi

Hello Pastor Darlene,
I just want to thank you so very much for another awesome W2WMI. I was truly blessed and restored during the last three days. At first it did not look like I would be able to attend, but I thank God for opening that door for me. My only regret is that I am not able to return Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for level.
I thank God for what He is doing in your life and pray that He will continue to use you in being a blessing to many more women. The compassion that you have for others and the passion that you have for the Word of God is evident in the love that you showed us this week. If only you knew how burnt out I was prior to attending the retreat. I needed someone badly to pour back into me. I thank God that He used you to renew my strength. The ministry gifts that He has given you to pour back not only into me but into every woman that was in attendance was well received.
The speakers that He gave you to use: Wendy, Janet, Cynthia, Pastor Paul and Pastor Randel all had a fresh Anointed Word just for me. Know that because of the messages that each of you presented I WILL NEVER GIVE UP. I am like Mary; my soul doth magnify the Lord because like Jacob surely the Lord was in that place. The Spirit of God truly reigned in the house. As my grandmother would say, I feel like going on". Thanks again, Pastor Darlene, for another awesome Institute. I am looking forward to fellowshipping and worshipping with you again.Many Blessings, Shelby Lynn Tate, Servants of God Ministry - Memphis, Tennessee

Dear Darlene:

Just a note to let you know you're an inspiration.  Dejuanna and I both have been plunged into new dimensions of service and ministry we never knew were possible.  Maybe not to the depths we thought but are being developed and stretched in ways that are mind boggling sometimes.  Dejuanna is writing her "Beauty for Ashes" booklet quarterly but has gotten opportunity to be a wedding coordinator.  She helped her daughter produce a movie that is being edited now.  It is called "Persona".   I am excited for her and all that God is doing in her life. 

            I know that going to your Woman 2 Woman Mentoring Institute was a beginning for these avenues to open up.  Thank you!  ~Teresa Groce, Monroe, LA



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Dear Pastor Darlene:
I did want to take a moment to let you know how much I enjoyed the w2w institute.  I have attended many conferences over the years.  I would definitely say this was one of the best.  The teaching materials and presentations were excellent.  The hospitality shown by the staff of Cathedral, your team of Janet and Vee, and my hosts Jerry & Devonna was over and above what I had expected.  Thank you, thank you.  I know what it takes to make an event like this "happen".  I appreciate the investment made by all. 
Covering you with prayer, Pat Beaty - Brenham, TX


     I just wanted to say thank you for having this institute. I feel so much stronger and wiser with my ministry and God continues to bless me. Thank you for making it so that I could attend, it was truly a life changing experience, although I am still reviewing some of the daytime studies, I am getting so excited as I go through and study each one. Friday night was truly amazing and I just left wanting more. So many times we need that one on one or small group setting and it hit the right spot for me. I can't wait till next year and I will plan ahead to attend ALL sessions. I also enjoyed getting to see a different and more personal side of you and growing developing closer relationships with the other ladies. Thank you again and my God bless your ministry the fullest.

 With all my love and appreciation, Stacey Stewart - Memphis, TN

Dear Pastor Darlene,

    It was so good to be with all of you again! This was my third mentoring institute and it was so wonderful. I only hated that I couldn't be there for all the sessions, but I was determined to continue to be a part of this Kingdom-building ministry! As I helped to pray over the women Friday night, I couldn't help but think back two years ago to the night you and Pastor Randel commissioned me. You spoke so prophetically into my life, and I have watched God do some of the very things you both spoke over me. Other things I know will  come in the future when I am fully equipped to walk in them. But as I thought of my own journey, I couldn't help but be excited for the new mentees, as you laid hands on them. I know they were blessed, and will in turn, be a blessing to many as they continue on their own journey.

    I just want to thank you, your husband, and your team (Janet, Vee and others), for your servants' hearts. It is obvious how much time and effort you put into this institute, and I know your seed will produce a great, eternal harvest! What a garden you are going to have in heaven! A garden of souls that were touched and changed, and went on to touch and change others for His glory! I love you all and pray you are blessed most abundantly!

~Dora Lindsey - Searcy, AR 

Dear Pastor Darlene,

Wow is all I can say about the mentoring institute! It was an absolutely lifechanging event for me. I learned so much and I am still processing the information each day. My favorite part was the teaching on honor's reward. It has changed the way I look at everything I do and everyone I meet. I also felt that God just cemented for me the understanding of my calling and what he has gifted me to do. I was told by some former mentees not to be surprised at how fast God would began to use me after we were commissioned. Guess what? I have already been asked to do something that requires my gifting to come out and be used! I am so excited!  I also am so grateful for all the wonderful relationships that began as a result of my going to the institute. The women I met and got to know will be lifelong friends just like you said. We had so much fun together and I know I will never be the same. Thank you so much for all you did to make this event one of a kind and to pour into us all that you did. I can't say enough how much I loved it and I will be encouraging other women to come next year. My husband and I have already talked about giving someone a scholarship to go; that is how much I believe in this mentoring institute. I know I will be back next year and I can't wait to see what all God will do between now and then. Thank you Pastor Darlene for obeying the voice of God when He told you to hold this event. It has changed my life and I know I will continue to grow from all I have learned.  In Christ' love, Cyndi Wales - Memphis, TN

Pastor Darlene,
    I attended the W2W Mentoring Institute and it was an eye opening experience.  I can remember wondering how I would feel when it was over.  I can tell you, I feel inspired, renewed and I finally learned that I am worthy of all of the blessings God has for me.  I have a clearer understanding that the blessings did not move, but the path I chose took me around them.  I enjoyed all of the teachings in all of the sessions but the one that touched me the most was the session that Pastor McCarty taught on "Forgiveness".  There were many things in my life that I had not forgiven others for because I pretended the hurt did not exist.  The most exciting thing was, that night, I was able to forgive myself for things that I had done in my own life that kept me believing that I didn't deserve anything from God.  I had taken on the offenses of others and I released those also.  I learned so much about myself.  It was also wonderful to fellowship with other Christian women who have some of the same hurts and some of the same experiences and to share those experiences and be able to relate to each other.  I made some lifelong friends and I am looking forward to next year's mentoring institute.
Thank you, Kelly Wilson, Memphis, TN

The Mentoring Institute is such an awesome blessing for me each year. I have attended this instiute for three years and thank God for the awesome opportunity to be encouraged, exalted, and taught so many valuable tools help in ministry. The teaching is simply incredible and the other women that I have met really become lifelong sisters in Christ. Pastor Darlene and this ministry has made a significant difference in my life and I am so grateful. Pastor Darlene has really become a true mentor to me because she cares about what I am doing and where I am going. Throughout the year she sends teaching material to guarantee that the mentees continue to be fed and uplifted.  Yolanda Morris, Memphis TN

"Thank you" seems so insufficient for all the love, joy, laughter, wisdom, understanding, and knowledge that God used you to bring into my life during the 3 power packed days we spent together at the Woman 2 Woman Mentoring Conference. Your love for God shows in all you do. This experience was a special blessing that only God could give. Thank you for allowing Him to flow so freely through your vessel, that He might pour so generously into mine.
From a grateful heart...I love you! ~Charli Pickett - Savannah, TN

Dear Pastor Darlene,
     Just wanted you and Pastor Randal to know how much we appreciate you, even though we were only able to be there for a short time God still used it to speak to me.  Please let Pastor Randal know that God used him to confirm several things that he has been showing me, just in listening to him in general conversation about home and family, he talked about a river and structure when we were at dinner.
     Also want you to know that at 5am Sunday morning I woke up from a dream that I was praying for you in the spirit, to be refreshed after pouring out, there was someone else praying with you as well and I was praying at your feet, you were laid out in the spirit and the Holy Spirit was refreshing you. So when I woke up I was obedient to pray for you.
     I pray God will bless you and your whole household, truly hospitable people of God...Would like to thank Vee and Janet for showing what it is like to be a model servant.  Thank you again for your willingness to allow God to work through you!!!!  The lives that are being impacted for the kingdom of God!  Wendy McDonald - Searcy, AR


Good Day Pastor Darlene, Janet and Verneta,
     I pray that this email finds you doing well.  I want to thank you personally for pouring so much into my life this week.  I was truly blessed from attending the Institute.  I know that you invested so much into it and I really do appreciate you for the time, wisdom, and love that you shared with us.  I speak many more blessings into your life and I pray that God will continue to use you to build up His Kingdom; for truly you ladies are doing a GREAT JOB.  Keep it up and know that your labor is not in vain.  Many Blessing and Much Love, A Servant Always at His Feet, Shelby Lynn Tate - Memphis, TN


Pastor Darlene:

My name is Dejuanna Albritton and I attended your 2008 Women's Mentoring Institute with my friend, Teresa Groce.  We have been friends for many years and have watched each other grow in our relationship with God through different events in our lives.  We share the bond of our husbands being in leadership in our home church, First Assembly of God in West Monroe, LA. 

            When Teresa first asked me about attending the Institute with her, I was skeptical.  I'm reserved, she's out-going.  I'm a one on one - she loves being in the middle of a lot of people.  I love being around her and always have but a "Woman 2 Woman Mentoring Institute?"  It took going on line, reading your personal testimony and reading your heart, and the Holy Spirit giving me peace to change my mind.  I decided to go with Teresa with no expectations, an open mind and open heart.

            I was blessed and inspired by the other women in attendance.  My life experience paled in comparison to most of theirs.  I realized the blessed life I've lived and it made me grateful and yet filled with admiration for what these women had overcome and the visions they have for their future.  I truly saw God's magnificent power at work.  The lessons that were presented challenged me in areas and humbled me in others.  The whole "Institute" experience left me feeling empowered and equipped to be the woman of God He has called me to be. 

            I publish a small book every other month entitled "Beauty For Ashes."  It contains testimonies, prayers, poems, and stories by women.  The purpose is to encourage women in all walks of life.  I include recipes and God's Word in each issue.  I have been blessed personally and know of many others that feel that it's contents are making a difference.  My objective in attending the Institute was for God's direction for the book and for me personally.

            I was thrilled when Teresa told me about her TV show; but I was not prepared when she asked me to be her first guest.  Honestly the only reason I said yes was our friendship at first.  As I desperately sought God's face for a graceful way to call her and resend my "yes" response with "I love you but no," I felt fear creeping up from the pit of my stomach to my throat that made me feel ill.  As I began seeking God's word, I realized that peace was bathing my spirit.  I finally came to the realization that this was my next step.  A door had opened and I had to enter.  Every time fear tried creeping up, I reminded myself that the Holy Spirit would give me the words I needed when I needed them and I didn't have to worry. 

            We arrived for the taping and I still felt calm.  I prayed one more time for the Holy Spirit's peace to cover me and we began.  Teresa had the hardest part - filling in time gaps and making sure I kept on track.  I just opened my mouth and the twenty minutes seemed to fly by.  I have no doubt who spoke that day - the Holy Spirit. 

            The boldness that God has given me is just one of the blessings I received by obeying the Holy Spirit's urging to draw closer to my Heavenly Father.  Thank you, Darlene for being the mighty woman of God that you are.  Your obedience to your calling has blessed my life in more ways than you'll ever know.  ~Dejuanna Albritton, West Monroe, LA


My name is Teresa Groce and I would like to give a praise report about God has opened doors since attending the Women's Mentoring Institute.  A friend, Dejuanna Albritton and I attended together this year.  We live in West Monroe, Louisiana and attend First Assembly of God in West Monroe.  We have both been active in our church in Women's Ministries and other ministries for several years.  Both of us recently began seeking God's plan for our lives for where we are today.  We both want a deeper relationship with our Father and desperately desire to enter into the fullness of who He has called us to be.  We felt like the training we could receive from Darlene was the right direction to start the New Year.

I have been to 2 of her conferences before and knew her reputation and felt a kindred spirit with her.  Dejuanna had not attended the conferences but trusted me as her friend to not lead her astray.  So we headed to Tennessee and into the unknown.  We agreed to be open minded and heart receptive.

We were not disappointed.  We left changed and inspired - knowing that we had been equipped with new knowledge to share with other women in our church and a fresh anointing to would enable us with boldness and confidence.

            My desire has been to host a TV show aimed at encouraging Christian women for a couple of years.  A week after we returned home, I had an opportunity to volunteer at our local Christian TV station.  A lady that attends our church told the owner of the station that I wanted to host a women's TV show.  He contacted me later about a new line of shows he's implementing and asked if I would be interested in being a host.  He introduced me on March 24 and explained that I would be hosting a show for women - about women; the issues women face; and testimonies of different women that have faced life's challenges and conquered them with God's guidance.

            I was able to host my first show on April 7 and my first guest was Dejuanna.  We both know that the doors that God has opened for both of us is due to the blessings we received by attending the Mentoring Institute.  I personally feel that by obeying the Holy Spirit's prompting me to looking into attending the conference and then asking Dejuanna to attend with me has opened new doors for both of us.  Our objective in attending the Institute was first:  obedience; second:  seeking; and third:  confirmation.

            Thank you, Darlene for your obedience to the call God has placed in your heart.  ~Teresa Groce, West Monroe, LA

Pastor Darlene:

First I want to thank you for the honor of attending the W2WMI, all I can think is WOW. I call us ladies, my Mentoring Sisters, and you, my Mentoring Mother. The third day of the Institute, I felt so close (sisters) to the girls, and you too. They will always be my sisters. Pastor Darlene, you and Pastor Randel, will always be my Mom & Dad Pastors.  You have sown so much into my life these past 10+ years.     
    I noticed the next night, after I came home from W2WMI, I was going to the other side of the house. Suddenly, the Presence of the Lord was so strong.   All I could do was get on my knees in awe. I didn't know what to expect, His presence was really strong. I didn't know if the Lord was fixing to do something, or show me something, or should I do something, all of this was crossing my mind.  It felt like there was electricity inside of me. Please forgive me, I'm a real simple person, I don't know about alot of things, but I do know I love Yeshua so much, He is my everything . This same thing happened to me that Wednesday night at bible study, when I started praying; also when I went to the altar Sunday to pray for this lady, all of a sudden I felt the same way.  All I know is it was really strong, and was like electricity inside of me.  WOW is all I can say!  I know I went to another level. I have great expectation. Waiting on God, for I know He has great things for my life, and the destiny He has for me.  Thank you Pastor Darlene for believing in me!  I Love you, and all the great things God has done in your life.  You have truly been blessed. Keep on, keeping on with such a great ministry
.  ~ Lisa Maddox, Millington, TN



 WOW!  There are really no words to express what the institute meant to me.  Those words of guarding your anointing for some reason seemed to resonate in my ears.  I appreciate all the pouring out that was exhibited.  The way I was treated was as someone who mattered.  I appreciate your husband' support of what you do.  He really cares about people I have had the opportunity to reach out to some widows in our congregation.  I am having lunch with 4 widows today.  I remember that you said to find somewhere and serve.  I hope that these ladies will be vessels I can love and pour into.  May God pour out double favor on your ministry this year!  I believe multiplication will come into all of our lives because you chose to care and invest in ladies lives.   THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!    God Bless!   Love, Teresa Groce - West Monroe, LA

Hi Pastor Darlene,
   I just wanted to tell you what a blessing it was to be at the mentoring insitute. I was telling Janet and Vee that last year was incredibly anointed, but it seemed like this year tripled in its anointing. There were times when the presence of God was so strong (like when you gathered us and spoke prophetically over us and at the commisioning in your home) when I was so overwhelmed by His presence that I literally didn't know if my mortal body could take much more! Have you ever felt like you were going to implode and explode at the same time? That's the best way to describe how I felt. I am so glad I didn't miss it. I don't know how I am going to swing things yet when I start back to school, but I am going to find a way to be at your conference and at the W2WMI. I may have to come in on Thrusday evening because I will have classes on Thurs. am, but I will be there! I would love to do a workshop at the conference if you feel led by the Lord to do that.    ~ Dora Lindsey, Searcy, Arkansas

Pastor Darlene,

I just wanted to thank you so very much for your obedience to do the will of our Lord.  I am still in awe over my experience from the mentoring institute.  What is so exciting and unique about this experience is you want to share with everyone, but can't, because many could not relate or understand what you're feeling.  And that is mainly because it is hard to find the words that could accurately express the experience.  The mentoring institute is an answer to one of my prayers, so it was definitely confirmation to the yearning in my spirit regarding my direction and ministry.

I now have a better understanding of what I need to do right now.  I was so uncertain as to what direction I should go, but the institute made it clear about seeking guidance from God for His will on our lives by first reading and studying His word.  This is something I already knew, however, the new revelation received from John Bevere's message instilled a whole new perspective and level of fear on just how important it is for us to truly know that we know that we know that we are operating in God's total will for our lives.

I thank God for you and for allowing me the opportunity to participate, fellowship and bond with such an awesome group of women.  I know that God will always bless you for your hunger to do His will, for your obedience and your giving spirit!  Remember, you will always have a sister in Christ that will always have you and your family lifted in prayer!

Thank you again and much love to you.  ~Jestine L. Middleton-Mathis, Memphis, TN

Dear Randel and Darlene,

I couldn't leave this morning w/o telling you how thankful I am for you and your ministry.
The W2WI has truly been a blessed time. While I did not know exactly why I was drawn to attend, I believe it has brought the Wind that I needed to help me to soar.
As it was taught in our class, continual flapping will wear a person out. And gliding is only temporary. Thank you both for investing into my life. Thank you for the resources and etc.. You have given more back than what I brought to you.   ~ Carla Reynolds, Humboldt, TN

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