Praise Reports 




Hello Min. McCarty,

 I am still so blessed by the Women 2 Woman Mentoring Institute I attended at your home last Feb. I will forever remember how you and your fellow crusaders blessed my heart.Yes, and the food, of course. I learned so much from my experience. And let me not forget Pastor McCarty on the last night when we received our prayer shawls! Awesome experience for me.  Oh, and thank you for the lessons you send through your ministry. I am sending you this email because last year I attended the Honeycomb Conf and stood in the gap for a couple who were desiring a baby. They are a young couple who had a previous devastating miscarriage, and she was having some challenges getting pregnant afterwards. I laid Stephanie's name on the altar when all of us  went forward to pray. I believed God for a child for my friend. To God be the glory, Caleb was born last Fri! All 8lbs. 4oz of him  was perfect!!! God was faithful!   Thank you for your ministry!! I am just one of the thousands who has seen the manifestation of your work in Christ. It will not go unnoticed. I bless God for you and your husband. May He shower down on your family blessings you cannot contain.  You made a difference in my life.You helped me to see the power within me, to bring forth God's promise for someone else. Excited about what I can do for ME!  ~Sincerely grateful, Connie Taylor 2014

Your Eat Thou Honey confrance in Nashville a few years ago was a turning point in my life. When you came to my church in Decatur, Alabama you really blessed the women of Calvary when you taught
us that day. Thanks for being a friend, a sister and an awesome
woman of God. I learned a lot from you. Shalom always, JoY



I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the women's conference in October. One of the
ladies in our group just announced she is pregnant, after we prayed for her. Your book,
"One Minute of Praise" has become my devotional, and I am really enjoying
it. ~Wanda Robertson, Florence, AL

Your book, "One Minute of Praise" has so blessed me. Throughout the whole conference God
showed me so many things. I would have never guessed that I would have grown this much in
those three days and I am forever grateful for all that you did for the Forerunners Drama Team.
~ Ashley Bernal

 I'm watching online from Tunja, Colombia, South America. LOVE feeling like I'm a part!
Still feel the Spirit - no matter the distance! Thank you for streaming! Thank you for the
powerful praise and worship! Thank you for the powerful Word!! Love you all!
Delores and Jack Simon, Missionaries in Colombia, SA!

I wanted to let you know that the last Honey Conference changed my life. I haven't
been the same since I left the grounds! It was my first Honey Conference and I am glad
that God chose me to be there. The Word of the Lord was so powerful and life changing
that I don't see how anyone could leave there the same person! I know it has only
charged my Spirit to go forward in God and never look back. I want to thank you for the conference and for the divine intercession it took to have the chosen speakers there.
I have been through a lot the last 5 years, as many probably have, but I was tired in my
Spirit. I was holding on by a thread and I knew that going back to the old me wasn't an option. I just couldn't seem to move forward in my walk with the Lord.
Thank you again for having the Renfro's there as well. I contracted genital herpes from
my husband and I was just dealing with it, but when he prayed for me...I knew that I was healed. There is so much that I want to say, but I know you probably have a lot to do.
I just wanted to say, thank you...and that I love you and your ministry. Everyone was so
kind and showed forth the Love of God while we were there. They truly have you and
your husband's spirit.

My daughter was told she had endometriosis and would have a hard time conceiving a baby.She
and her husband really wanted children.After about 1 ½ years there was not results.They just
relaxed hands and said, "We will wait."I knew she probably wouldn't come to a conference, but I remembered you praying for barren wombs.So I prayed for her barren womb and today I became
a grandmother.Thank you for your life and your witness and this wonderful conference!

Thank you so much for coming to Tupelo. We were all blessed. I cant tell you how much of a
change I have had in my life since the very first time I came to the honey conference! The very
spirit I have within me has grown so much. I have praised GOD every day. And I have thanked
him for you entering my life . You are a wonderful spirit filled woman and I pray for you and your team leaders very often because GOD has used you to change so many lives with your ministries.
I know you've changed my life and the lives around me I just simply wanted to say thank you and
"v" and I praise GOD for you!!! ~Kim Murphy - Tupelo, MS

Great , thank you so much. I just can't tell you how much your Praise book has blessed me since
I got it last year it is wonderful, You are truly an anointed woman and in God's favor, the conference's especially this last one was fantastic! refreshing and renewing my walk with the
Lord my relationship with Him is so on fire right now I can't get enough of Him ! your mentoring tapes and workbook I just cant put it down I am using it daily! WOW you are such and inspiration
to all women and I pray the Lord will continue to pour out His Blessings upon you and your family and show you Favor til your cup overflows and what a Blessing to have known you and your husband and the anointed women and men at your conferences are truly Blessed by God and
are truly willing and obedient vessels used of God to impact God's Word on so many people and Bless their lifes and turn thieir lifes around and get them headed in the right direction , setting
their course for the Kingdom and saving souls Wow ! words cannot describe what an impact your ministry has had on my life, I thank you from the bottom of my heart I am so saddened that there won't be any more Eat Thou Honey Conferences but what I came away with is life changing and
I just wanted you, your husband and your ministry including the choir and the youth/teens , Karen Bishop, Shirley Murdock and her husband that I thank God for all of you and I am taking the fire
to my church and into the work place and your pins well, lets just say they are truly witnessing
tools and I am wearing them daily and have gotten to witness to many people because of them. Again thank you, your staff and all those affiliated with Your conferences and ministry they are
truly of God!!! You have touched my life in a huge way!! God Bless you all!! ~
Margareta Dotson, LPN - Coffeeville, MS

If no one else says 'THANK YOU' my niece's do. (not proper language but you understand)...ha.
My friend Kathy Newsom, who had just recently been diagnosed with lymphoma, came and Dr Tom, laid hands on her and really encouraged her. She was the last one prayed for last night
but we waited and stood...

Pastor Darlene, I pray restoration and rest, healing , peace, joy for you & your husband. and of course your family. So thanks again....and remember GOD'S FAITHFUL! love and appreciate you and your workers. Tell the church we appreciate them. ~Diane Stribling, Olive Branch, MS

2008 Conference was awesome!!!! We had an awesome church service Sunday. Our whole
church is fired up for God! He is really moving!!! ~Jennifer Crocker, Oxford, MS

Pastor Darlene, I just want to thank you for blessing me. My heart was so heavy. Three weeks
earlier we buried my aunt and the same week my other aunt's 2 year old grandbaby got out of her
car seat and opened the back door and her mother ran over her. So we buried her. As I was sitting
in the armor-bearer class and had many missed calls I later found out that my other aunt died at Baptiest East that Friday. I came to your book table where you were signing books weeping. You asked me where I was from and I responded. I saw you writing, but I did not read it at that moment. After getting to my room I laid on the bed and opened the book, and it said "Praise is your Weapon".
I knew that was my key to victory. Praise would life me out of my valley. Thank you! ~Tonya Creekmore

I attended the Eat Thou Honey Conference in October. I received confirmation concerning the ministry. The anointing definitely comes threw our crushing and brokenness. Pastor McCarty is truly a mentor for me. ONE MINUTE OF PRAISE!!! I was truly blessed by Dr. Capehart's flow in the anointing. Everything was great! On Monday I was on my way to the post office, when I approached an intersection (it had been raining) so the highway was
still wet.I failed to see the traffic sign and proceeded to cross the intersection. Just as I
did, it was if God made the traffic sing 3-D.I came to an immediate stop.And as I did I was
in the path of an 18 wheeler traveling about 75-80 mph.It seemed as if angels stood in between my vehicle and the 18 wheeler.My truck bean to rock vigorously!My daughter and
I looked at each other in sock, to wonder if we were still alive.I remember looking in the direction of the 18 wheeler after it passed, thinking my truck is on the front of the 18
wheeler and we must have been instantly killed!It really wasn't until I reached my husband
at his job and he hugged and kissed me, I knew I was alive!One Minute of Praise fought for me.It is true-YOUR PRAISE WILL FIGHT FOR YOU!!!!!~Karen Salters

I wanted to let you know a PRAISE REPORT! Last year's conference I stood in the gap for my niece Elisha Lee to be married. You called out prayer for those who wanted God to send them
a mighty man of God. PRAISE THE LORD. Her previous husband died and we have prayed for God to restore to her and her 2 children a Daddy. HE "IS" FAITHFULL!!

This year's conference was no different than any other year.IT WAS AWESOME!Friday night at the end of Pastor Darlene Bishop's message, I felt that God spoke to me and told me that my family would soon experience a financial windfall like nothing we had ever experienced.
I called my husband and told him, but in the back of my mind I
thought, "Maybe I wasn't hearing from God."Friday, October 20th my sister-in-law called me at work just after 8am.She told me that god
had told her and my brother to give our family their PAID FOR
Suburban!My present vehicle was costing more money than it was worth
to just keep it running.Needless to say I was crying and praising God right there in my office at work.Some of the girls in the office came to my office to see who had died and I had to tell them what had just happened.They were all so excited for us. ~Nancy Ware



Pastor Darlene just wanted to say hi and that we
are still talking about the conference! Thank you for listening to the voice of God to invite in his image mime and unity steppers. We are truly honored. We thank God for you and continue to go into new dimensions in the spirit realm and new territories in Jesus name! We love ya'll and tell VINTAGE we said hello!


JaMarcus Watkins

In his image mime team

I know that this was your last conference and it is sad on the one hand, but encouraging on the other hand. I have no doubt that the next level will be very exciting. I wanted to encourage you
and let you know that something good happened to me during this last conference. I have been a Christian for over 20 years and I never really had a clear understanding of my calling within the Church. Sure over the years I have done a few things like sunday school and nursery duty. But, I didn't really feel that was my calling.

Also over the years I have gone through a lot of trials, more than my share, so it seemed.
(domestic abuse, a sick child - with failure to thrive, rejection by family for christ, false
accusations at work and being passed over for promotions.) I did not see a pattern in this. Way back in 1987 after I got out of my domestic violence situation, I wanted to become a victim advocate and tried several times to become employed in this capacity. But it never happened.
So, I figured that was just me and not my true calling. Now I know thanks to a personal talk with
the Lord, that my formal calling within the church is to bind up the broken hearted and to
encourage them. By binding up, that means to lift them up to the Thrown Room of God. Where
they can be healed by him, the great physician.

My ministry is to be in the truly spiritual realm. I had to go through all my trials to build my faith
and go through different things so that I would know better how to encourage and better know
how to pray. I don't have to be at a specific location for one type of victim to come to me. The
Lord can bring a multitude of broken hearted people to me and what is a broken hearted person, but a spiritual victim. I have stayed still in a very uncomfortable job situation for years longer than
I wanted to. But, now I believe that the Lord is ready to reposition me into that place where he
can better us me and move me into more of a ministry position than I have been in. Sure, I have been in a service related position for almost 17 years (child support enforcment) but now it is time for a new day and a new level. I look forward to the changes that are coming into my life.

May God Continue to Bless you and use you in a Mighty Way. ~Much Love, Mary

Now I understand why God has fought you so hard. You had a word from God that was so
anointed. I laughed, cried, clapped, and Praised God. I could not move out of my seat from
watching this service. It was a message that so many of us needed to hear. Actually, everyone could relate to this message. It was put together so unbelievable with testimonies, human videos, and the Word. You have a gift that you need to carry forth to many people and other churches. I loved your freedom in God. It makes me have such a desire to become this free in God.

I would love to go with you to one of the churches you preach at soon. I am going to get that bottle
of anointing oil (not from the crack dealers). I know that God has a plan for me and my husband at Cathedral of Praise. Keep doing what you are doing. You and Pastor rest in God's arms.

~Love always, Linda Snyder, Olive Branch, MS

We were blessed to be in your presence again. I was with your youth group and Unity when they were practicing. I was able to minister to them about the anointing that was upon Unity's life and why to destroy the yoke that was upon the people that they minister too. As they were practicing
I asked them two questions. 1. Was it the best they could do. 2. If this dance was their entrance
into heaven would they get in based upon what they had just done. After that practice was i
ntense and awesome and you and other saw the manifestation of it Friday Night to God be the Glory. Ginny and the others are precious. They made new friends I pray for a lifetime. They exchanges my space addresses and phone numbers.

Our two teams were awesome and like a mother I was godly proud of them. I know and pray
that all were blessed. Most of all we wanted to please our heavenly father.

Although you stated this is a season of rest for the Honey Conference I know that God is up to something. I will be praying that God open up even greater doors for you to be used mighty
woman of God.

Thank you for the invitation to minister in your house and we will forever be grateful to you and
the Lord for blessing our house.
~Blessings, Pastor Cecilia, Dickson, TN

This was a great conference! For me personally this conference was a bit different than the others. There was, I believe a special (different) anointing released at this conference. It is apparent something is different because our Youth is evidence of what was released into the atmosphere. There was a new level established and also like a thrusting forward that
happened. I know personally I received and gave more (spiritually) in this conference than others before- I'm not sure if it was because I changed the area that I had been working in
and was part of the altar service where a lot of warfare and breakthrough was happening -
but I know there was a noticeable difference this year. It was awesome!!! Now I am looking forward to what the Lord's has in store for us to do and be a part of... Thank you for all that you do to make this all happen. ~Angel York, Mason, TN

I saw you in Dickson TN at Word of Life Tabernacle for the Latter Rain Revival. First I would like to say you are an awesome woman of God. Second I want to thank you for freedom from all my shadows. The next week was one of the greatest weeks of my life. I was able to leave every thing
on that alter and not worry about it again. I will keep you in my prayers. Because I know there are many women who need your help. God Bless you and your family. ~Roberta HornbeakLyles, TN.

I wanted to write to you and tell you what God did after the Eat Thou Honey Conference in Nashville 4-5 years ago. I was in the conference with a few friends and you asked everyone who was trying to have a baby to come forward to be prayed for. Well, lets just say I ran, because
after one miscarriage at that time and lots of trips to the fertility clinic I was exhausted of trying in my own efforts. I had tried for four years to conceive and the first baby we conceived resulted in
a miscarriage. It wasn't long after the conference that I fell pregnant again and this time I can say Praise God, I had a healthy, beautiful, baby girl named Sophia Grace. It has always been a
struggle to have children as I went on to miscarry a third baby this year but I want to encourage those who are trying to have a baby to trust God no matter what the circumstances look like. God
is faithful and true to His Word and He moves things around for your good.May God continue to bless you, your family and your ministry and I am sorry this testimony is late in coming to you.~Kellie Seboa, Franklin, TN

Pastor Darlene,
Eight years ago you called me and ask me to cater a meal you, Pastor McCarty, and the guest at the Eat Thou Honey Conference.The wonderful volunteers of our church were already spread pretty thin. I looked at the calendar of the catering business I was then managing and to tell you
the truth, there was NO way.....we were slammed. But out of my mouth I said I would make it happen. My staff included my 13 yr old son and twin daughters, 4 years old. You came to me at about 8 PM and we were still cleaning in the dining hall and told me that I must come hear
Darlene Bishop's message. I was not going to be able to attend the conference at all that year
due to the business our company had booked at that time.

If I remember correctly, her message was based on our "Spirit filled and loving husbands that
were temporarily out of order." I had just remarried 10 months ago in Pastor's office. Let's just
say, we are pretty sure I wasn't a spring chicken with those three children in tow so praying for a husband on daily basis wasn't at the top of my list at that time. With a 13 yr old son and a new husband I was overwhelmed with testosterone in my house. I really thought there were times I
was truly going to pull my hair out or this wasn't going to work. My son had just come to live with
me full time a year prior from 4 years with his father.

As we all have come to know....the conference attendees were on their feet the majority of the
time. As I stood in the back knowing this message was for me.....she came to the part that she addressed step so many people were overlooking the children put in our path by God and were not seeing the blessing at their feet because they weren't our seed. My first
thought was my nieces and the wonderful friends of my children. Then she talked about Mary
and she was supposed to be a she was sure the towns people talked about Joseph stood by her side and obeyed God's will. How Jesus was raised by his step dad...

It hit me like a ton of bricks. I had to sit down. As I took this message into my heart, my mind
began to expand.I knew this was already in my soul, this was something I have known my whole life....It just needed to be resurrected.WOW!

So now I can't even count the number of times I have been able to pass that fact on to people
who needed to hear me they already knew it and didn't even see it happening in their own lives. Just for grins, my now 21 year old son will graduate next May from Southwestern
Assemblies of God University and will continue for his Master's with a passionate heart for
ministry and the twins were crowned Honor Stars last year. Pastor Darlene, thank you for being obedient and putting your labor, time and love into a conference that truly changes lives. Thank
you for bringing speakers in who God has given the gift to pour into lives.
~Laura Martin (Memphis, TN)

I would hardly wait to get home to e-mail you regarding the wonderful time our ladies had at the conference. The worship was refreshing and the messages powerful. I can not begin to tell you
how much I appreciated the variety of workshops. The presenters were versed and interesting in
their approach offering tools for implementing and strategy's. For the eight of us that came, it was a great blessing indeed! ~Phyllis Robinson

I bought your book "One Minute of Praise" before the first session of the conference this year and I have
been savoring it. Thanks for taking the time to write it! Your book showed me that I had lost my praise. I had forgotten to praise God often and sincerely on good and bad days. You taught me that my praise to our
glorious Lord is my strongest weapon!Hallelujah!I love it!Sunday after the conference I had to fly to Michigan.The fight out of Memphis was canceled and I ended up arriving 6 hours later than planned at my
hotel that night.Coming home three days later, my flight was again delayed and I was late.Normally, I would
be cranky and throwing a fit about the airline service and stewing in my irritation and anger.Not this trip, because I had "One Minute of Praise" with me.While I waited in the airport, I read your book and praised God.The irritation even died out in the folks around me.Your book saved my trip and my attitude and kept
me from "SIN".I use your tote bad to carry my things to work each day as a reminder to take a minute of
praise when I feel overwhelmed.The week I got back home, I called the Dove Radio Station and shared this praise report on their praise call in day
~ Nancy Smith

I was watching the conference on my computer tonight and I felt like I was right there with you!Emma, my daughter, and I were lying in bed and I was singing along with
the choir and the Holy Spirit just filled my bedroom!It was awesome!Emma put her bottle down and laid there and raised both hands in the air and said, "I want to praise with you mommy."I have never felt the Holy Spirit move like that in my house before!
It was great.Paula White's message really ministered to me.I had been in such a rut
and when she said that God watches over his Word until it is fulfilled....I knew that he still has the same plan for me.I am so excited to give God all that I have!~Erica Stacy

First I just want to say that I was so very blessed at the recent conference.This conference really pushed me into another level of worship, praise, prayer, trust, and so much more.Pastor Darlene, the first night during praise and worship the Lord spoke to me and said He was breaking cycles
and then Pastor Paula confirmed it in her message.I am so full right now.I have been praying for
a miracle to refinance my mortgage and it happened today.Breaking cycles!I am already half way through your book "One Minute of Praise".It is really blessing my soul.~Lori Manson

Dr. Yvonne Capehart was a true blessing! ~Patricia Turner

Pastor Darlene, I have come to the Eat Thou Honey conference
for 2 years now.This year ill be my 3rd.Let me tell you of how God has worked these pas few years through your prayers.Twenty years ago my
husband ha a vasectomy.When we met 8 years ago and started to date he
told me he did not want children.At that time I had worked at a daycare
for about five years and didn't want any either.After a few years of
being married and out of the day care scene the desire of being a mom was put in my heart by God.However my husband still did not want any children.Two years ago when I came to your conference I came up for
prayer that Friday night when you prayed for barren wombs.I did not tell
my husband.I knew it would have to be God to change hi heart, just like
He did mine.And God did exactly that!While I was attending the conference last year my husband contacted a Christian doctor to have the vasectomy reversed.We knew by man's standards it was impossible to have children.
You see it had been 19 years from the 1sr surgery, my husband is now 45.
We knew this would have to be God.Last year at the conference when you prayed for me God gave me the name of our son, Noah Emanuel.I am telling you all this because this year I am 6 months pregnant and expecting our
son in January.Thank you so much for obeying God.~Beth (Elizabeth) Kachur

I am truly glad I was a part of this conference. It means so much to me to see men and women transformed by God's power. During the conference I was believing God for $1,000. Our budget
was short, really short. Last Sunday God sent a quick answer. My husband and I received $1,025
as a blessing from different people. I was writing checks to the speakers at the conference knowing
I did not have the money in the bank. But I exercised my faith to my Jehovah Jireh and He came through. God is faithful! ~Rose Untal

What a powerful conference!!God is faithful to do just what He promises.Each year seems to get sweeter.The first service of the conference, you asked for people in physical pain to step into the aisle and receive healing.I did just that.I had been experiencing extreme pain in both should joints and in my right elbow.As I began to pray and
praise, the pain began to leave.The healing was not instantaneous.But
with each praise, the pain lessened in my shoulders.At the close of Saturday's service, there was no pain in either shoulder and the pain in my right elbow was almost gone.As I drove back to Humboldt, my First Lady put in a CD of Juanita Bynum.As the music filled the vehicle, so did the Presence of God.We praised all the way home.We went immediately into a leadership meeting at our church.At some point during the meeting, I realized that I was pain free!God is so good!I believe my healing came because I chose to praise in the spite of pain.Thank God for the Extravagant Praise you challenged us to give unto Him.Keep up the good work.~Carla Reynolds


Hello Sister Darlene:

I just had to send this email today and give you my testimony concerning our women's conference you preached September 2008. That weekend
you preached to our ladies Saturday afternoon about forgiveness. You had everyone to write on a piece of paper the offenses in our lives, then you
had us to come up front and tear up our paper resembling getting rid of
the offenses. My daughter was there that day and I prayed that this
message would touch her heart. My daughter had not spoken to her father (my ex-husband) for over 3 years. Her fathers bad choices in his life had driven a wedge between him and her. Three years ago her father did not come to her wedding which pretty much did it for my daughter. My
current husband, whom my daughter is very fond of, gave her away on her wedding day.

After your sermon that day, you had everyone come up and go through the prayer line. My daughter went through the line but didn't seem to be touched like I was hoping. However, after she left the service the Lord began tugging at her heart and she called me that evening and said "Mom I think I'm going to write my Dad a letter and let him know how he has hurt me and give him one more change to make things right. Well I knew that was a start towards forgiveness and getting the offenses out of her life.
That Monday she mailed the letter and the following day her father called wanting to have lunch and talk. Wow! God was working a miracle. That's not all. They then started making amends. That was in September. This
past November her grandmother (her father's mother) was diagnosed
with cancer. Her grandmother had the joy of seeing her son and granddaughter come visit together. That was an answer to her prayers as well. My daughters grandmother is a wonderful women of God that I have had the privilege of knowing since I was 17 years old and a strong pillar in my fathers church for several years. It's just a matter of days left on earth
for her now and I'm so thankful my daughter has no regrets.

Thank you so much for allowing God to work in your ministry.

Dear Darlene,
I just want to take a moment to email you to tell you just how awesome The Honey Conference was to me! I was definitely one of the CHOSEN ones that God wanted there for a reason. Let me just say that our God is soooooo
GOOD! He's soooooooo GREAT! Not only did he work it out for me to go financially but he set me up! (In a good way) As you said, "He really messed
me up!" God had been dealing with me about my wallowing in my self-pity
and even believing our kids would never come back home or back to God. My husband Terry had two children and I had three from previous marriages when we got married in February 2004. Their ages now are 20, 19, 18, 17, and 11 years old. The oldest Ashley (mine) is mixed up with the wrong crowd since high school, busted with a joint and lost her license (since got it back) but drinking and smoking cigarettes.... Andrew (stepson) 19 wouldn't follow his dad's authority after graduation so dad gave him ultimatum and he's been gone for over a year and will not speak to his dad under no circumstances...Tera (stepdaughter) hates me and her mother has been a tool in her not speaking to her dad since 3 months ago...Jordan (son) is the only teenager left at home and doesn't always get along with my husband and to be honest he is hugely rebellious about rules, authority, and church although we make him go...
Dakota is 11 and is starting with the body language stuff and smart mouth and has a drug addict and highly abusive father (abusive to me) that has been in jail for 7 years for manufacturing and is soon to get out...The enemy has tried to force this huge wedge and division between my husband and I since the
moment we said,"I do". But I say all that to say this...God gave me a vision 7 years ago that my husband was the one he picked for I have been hanging on with all my acrylic nails would allow me to, in order to be obedient and keep the vow and covenant I made to my husband and God...this is my and my husbands third marriage and I vowed to God no more!!!!!!!!!!!!! No giving up! I know we have a ministry together!!!!!
But Mrs. Darlene...before I walked into that conference I was in unbelief that God was going turn it around for us! I was about to give up and I am a warrior and a soldier and stubborn as all get out but my stamina was playing out.....UNTIL.....UNTIL...I heard Karen Wheaton testify about Judy Jacobs! UNTIL....I heard Darlene Bishop say, "Stop worrying because my DADDY is WORKING!...UNTIL....Pastor Randel McCarty talk about the Domineering Spirit we need to walk in and how we need to have our "CLEETS of PEACE"
on our feet to stamp out the enemy! Then that young group so anointed that did that song on getting our breakthrough and how all we had to do was REACH
GRAB IT!!!!! The Holy Spirit touched me right then and said."Paula, just grab it! The POWER IS IN YOU! ALWAYS HAS BEEN!! How bad do you want it?!" Last but not LEAST Your message was the Icing on the Cake...I AM STILL STANDING!!!! Take that devil!!!! I have my FIRE back. my DETERMINATION back, my Dominate Spirit has been RESUSITATED! The Holy Spirit breathed in me and I am back and I am NOT gonna let the enemy destroy my marriage, my family or my calling! I am gearing up to plan a
counter attack on the enemy instead of waiting on him to attack and me try to defend...I am on the OFFENSE now! I am going to fast and pray and give and
a threefold cord is not easily broken! How long will I do this? UNTIL UNTIL UNTIL....cause I AM STILL STANDING!
So THANK YOU and your wonderful husband and all your wonderful friends and armorbearers and your wonderful church family for providing me with the atmosphere I needed to hear God speak to me through you all! I am praying wonderful blessings on you all!
P.S. I came with Mrs. Dora Lindsey to help support her with this workshop
and we unfortunately had to leave at ten last night to get back to Searcy but I really felt God wanted me to have a bottle of the anointing oil in the amber vial in order to anoint my house and my oldest son Jordan's room with...I have looked on the e-store to purchase some but can't find there some way I can purchase some from you? I would gladly pay for it.
If so just email me the details if you could. Thank you so much again Mrs. Darlene...God bless you abundantly! ~Paula Williams

Dear Pastor Darlene,
I just wanted to drop a note and let you know that the conference was such a blessing and has helped me to reach out when it seems at times there is nowhere to reach. Pastoring a church, though it is small, seems to be more of a challenge each day and feel that I am failing some way, but love the people and enjoy preaching. I was dry when I came to the conference but left filled up full. Much to be thankful for and glad that I was able to come. Praying for you and your family. GOD BLESS and have a wonderful Holiday. ~Jennifer

I just wanted to say thank you again for allowing me to be a part of the wonderful things God did this week/weekend! I am honored to have
been involved, especially in teaching a workshop - teaching people
about God's Word and His power is something I love doing!

Just when I think it can't get any better, God blows my mind! Last
night's (Friday) service was one of the most incredible services I have ever been in - Pensacola included! The "Now Behold the Lamb" song ushered in His presence - His glory and all I could do was weep after that. Then those four got up and did that song....Oh my goodness, I felt like I was being turned inside out, His anointing was so strong. Then
you got up and delivered the Word in such a powerful way, and the videos, testimonies, everything was so anointed. It was almost more
than my body could handle - the glory was so strong! I hated to leave,
but we had to get back to Searcy. And His presence was all over us all the way home!

Thank you and your family, ministry team, and lovely church for all that you do and go through in order to usher us into His Presence the way you do. I know you pay a very high price to carry the anointing that you carry. And I, for one, am so thankful that you all are willing to lay down your lives and pay the price so that others can experience the Lord the way we have at this conference. I pray that God blesses you all more than you are able to contain. Overflow is what I desire for you. Again, thank you for your servants' hearts.

~Your Spiritual Seed, Dora Lindsey, Searcy, AR

I attended the conference in Hot Springs, Arkansas, Friday and
Saturday night. I was very blessed by the truth and insight you shared from God's Word. Your words were very timely. I was encouraged by
you sharing that God prepositions us for favor to position us in favor. That definitely hit my heart. So often I want to jump ahead of God but
the preparation time is so valuable! The process of being refined so
that I may reflect the beauty of God's image is necessary even though it is hard. I really feel that God did a healing in my heart Friday night. I
was able to release to God the hurt my heart has dealt with over the years. His peace overwhelms me. ~Adree Borho

This year there were eleven ladies from our church, Harvest Assembly
in Oak Grove, Arkansas that were able to attend your conference. I
really enjoyed the workshop on prayer. We all hope to return next year for the conference. Dr. Yvonne Capehart was so anointed and it was such a blessing to have her flow in the Spirit and just let God take over. ~Bess Mobley

We brought 20 ladies from Oak Hill Church of God and we were so blessed! ~Esther Witcher

I just had to let you know about a praise report. In October when I came with my friends to your conference, during the service that
you prayed for those who couldn't have children to come up and be prayed for or for those who had someone they knew that wanted to have a baby but wasn't there. Well I came up and stood in from my niece and one month later she became pregnant. I had to let her
know about me standing in and we gave God the praise. Her mother had trouble conceiving and it took her seven years before she had
her first child. I know in my heart Pastor Darlene that it was the
prayer that did the trick for her to be able to conceive. God honors
the prayers of his faithful. I have been so blessed since I came to the conference and God has really begun to open many avenue and I feel
so blessed. How awesome it is to tell someone, "Hey, I stood in
prayer for you and God heard and moved." When two or three are in agreement, God always shows up. Praise the Lord! ~ Jennifer Martin

I'll tell you....God blessed me and did such a work in my life at the conference that by Saturday morning Satan was already after me and trying to steal what I had received. Now it wasn't pleasant and still isn't when I hear his nagging little voice, but to me that'a an awesome testimony. It means I am on the right path and I have him SCARED!
If he wasn't concerned with me at all....well that's when I would worry! ~Jackie Holloway


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