"Honey" Conference





 Pastor Darlene:

I was so blessed at the conference last year, God has been doing many awesome things over this past year.  I have been able to see the evidence that God is in control.  I have learned a lot over this year.  I knew that praise is very powerful before I went to the conference, but I know this on a whole new level now!  I know that we are all works in process, I really thak God for His grace.  Thanks for being such a wonderful blessing.  ~Debbie Ramsey

     Hi, my name is Cherry and I am a recovering Praise & Worshipper.  Yesterday morning I awoke with a hangover from being full of love, full of God's Word, full of wonderful fellowship, and blessed by the hospitality that was shown toward me.  Where the SPIRIT of the LORD is (Cathedral of Praise) was definitely liberty.  I have suffered a lot of rejection due to the way I express my love for God through praise & worship.  There has been times that I developed fear, intimidation, holding in my adoration, my praise, not wanting to be hurt.  I began to quesiton if my praise was really truth.  I knew in my hear that  it was but why so much persecution?  I think God for the wonderful release.  I felt heavy burdens being  broken!  I will definitely see you next year.

     Pastor Darlene, when I look at you I see royalty, elegance, your face shines brightly, you're cute, and you're classy!!!!!!  On the inside you're a beautiful person!!!  The heart you have for people was shown.  May God's light continue to shine upon you, your husband, your family and Cathredral of Praise.

     When you asked us to be silent and hear the voice of God that Thursday night, I saw in the Spirit the word "Closure" flowing upward in my belly and at the same time God spoke.  I felt a quickening and a release in my belly.

     This past Suday morning I was dreaming, I saw myself runnng towards a finish line.  I heard the words, "Dont stop you're almost there."  Then I saw and heard the word "Race".  I abruptly was awaken.  I am no longer afraid to be sent, to go alone, this was a call for me and no one else can do what God has ordained me to do.  I am ready to go Forward!   Still smiling!   ~Cherry Burnett


     I wanted to let you know how much this year's conference was a blessing to me.  I brought down 3 otherladies and myself and we received a word in due season.  We had a wonderful time of fellowoship and beiung ministerd to.  I also realized that in my busy-ness with running my company and being the women's ministry leader at my church how much I needed some extra spiritual help and guidance. 

     I also realized how much you are reaching out to women to help them in ministry by mentoring.  I had been pushing all that to the "back burner."  During the last year God has opened my eyes to many things.  2011 "Honey Conference" was the icing on the cake.

     Since I attended the W2WMI a couple of years ago, God has been doing a work in me for the good of my business and ministry.  My plans are to be back in February and go thru the Level 2 W2WMI.

     Thank you for being obedient to the call of God on your life to help women like myself!  ~Sheila Barnes

I had an awesome time at the conference.  I am always so blessed and renewed.    We are already making plans for next year and thinking of all the others that we want to bring with us.  Thank you!  Since last year my daughter has gotten married to a good man.  She and her husband are now in church and the grandkids are in an Assembly of God Christian School.  Our son is going to church also.  God is so AWESOME! This year is our financial blessings.  I believe God will supply all our needs and more so we can be a blessing in more ministries and missions.  Love you and your church.  ~Jan Webber Gibbs

Pastor Darlene,

I attended the Honey Conference last year with my church, and came forward for prayer over barren wombs. I have had a total of 3 miscarriages with no medical reason for them. In between the second and third, my husband and I had our daughter, now 7. After the last miscarriage, I had no desire to try ever again. I coudn't stand the heartache all over again.

Fast forward to May 2010. As I woke up one morning, God spoke to me and told me that I was in fact going to have another child! Thrilled and excited, my husband & I said, "Okay, if this is what God wants, then so be it." I got my doctor involved to start doing what he could to help the proces along, attended your confernce and was pray for. The people prayed for me told me I was going to have a boy.

By January 2011 I still wasn't pregnant, and getting very discouraged. I stopped all medication that was suppose to be helping me get pregnant, and said "forget it, if God really wants me pregnant, it's going to have to be a mircale!" To my surprise, right before leaving on a trip in March, I took a random pregnancy test. I was absolutely floored when that test showed positive!

I am now 33 weeks pregnant, due November 18th, with our SON! His name is Jacob Anthony. Thank you so much for having that special prayer time for those of us who have sturggled to have a family! I never could have imagined that in just over a year from being prayer for, our son would be born! ~Kathy Tackett (2011)

I just had to send you a note and thank you for making the Honey Conference available via UStream.  It's 2:28 AM and I just finished watching the Oct. 7th, 7:00 clip.....and listening to God afterwards!


If His Spirit was any more powerful there than He was here in my own home, I don't think I would have been able to stand!  I sang every song as if I were there, and did everything Pastor Shane told us to do.  Even though I couldn't be at the conference, I know God honored my "attending" from here.


That was sooooo powerful and anointed!  And you are looking great yourself.  You were a giant in my life back in the early 90's, and I appreciate your mentoring me as you did.


Thank you again for making it possible for others to partake of this wonderful ministry.  The only one I've been able to attend was the one at Cornerstone in Nashville, and God did some awesome things in my life there.  ~Rita Hamilton, TN

 This has been one of the best conferences I've attended in a while.  This year has been challenging for me on so many levels spiritually, physically, financially...I have walked through my own personal "Conflict of Faith."  I know who God is, I know what He has said, I stand on His word, and I know the Prophetic Words that have been spoken over me and my family, yet my present circumstances don't line up with that truth. 


Through this conference, I have been refreshed, renewed, and re-energized.  I am encouged as I  remember the  destiny and purposes of God for my life. I look forward to greater revelations as I take time in the coming days to look back over all that God has said and done for me in this time.  


I thank God for you & your ministry. I praise Him for the blessed opportunity to serve you.


Thanks again & God bless you. ~Cynthia Horton, TN 

Thank you for your gracious hospitality in Memphis. I truly received a word from God at the service. One was "go" and the other was "trust me."  You are an amazing friend and I love you always.   Thank you so much for allowing us to talk about La Ola and give out pamphlets. You are a Jewel and an inspiration. ~Becky and Abby, Mexico

Hi! My name is Veronica Cales. For many years my husband and I tried to have a baby. My first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. After the loss we continued to try with no success. One Sunday morning my husband and I were teaching the 3 year old Sunday school class. A great woman of God Ms Linda Hampton came to me and said are you pregnant. I responded with "No Mam" not yet. She said you will be and explained that she went to this conference and stood in and prayed for me to become pregnant. I got to call her 3 weeks later and tell her I was pregnant! We were so excited of the blessing God had given us. Abagael was born on July 17, 2002. Thank you so much for all that you do and for praying for barren wombs. ~Veronica Cales,  Memphis, TN


Amazing tonight!  Love hearing your preach!  Loved the "word" brought tonight.  Heard a couple of words from God!  Love you Mrs. Darlene!  ~Genie Cole, Cordova, TN

I attended your conference and brought my daughter on the last day.  She gave her heart to the Lord.  Praise the Lord!  I live out of town and am blessed that she will have a church to attend.  Thanks to you and all the women who touched me in a way that I will never forget.,  May God bless you and your church that has a fire for the Lord that I have never seen!!!! ~Jamie White


Hey I hope you're getting plenty of rest!! I want to start by saying that because of your conference I can now talk to God clearly! CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!!?!! :) This weekend has saved my marriage. When I thought all was lost I was still and I shut up long enough to hear God say "STAY!" Woooo amen!!! With that being said god woke me up and told me that you needed help... I would like to sale t-shirts to the ones who joined in and anyone else that say " I Will BEE all that GOD Wants Me To BEE!" now here's the thing I would like to price them at 5 dollars each if at all possible! I want to give every dime of it to you!! God will get the glory! He put this on my heart. It will take some time to pay for them all but I know God will make it happen! Let me know what you think about this please. I want there to be another conference because it changed my life! God bless you!! ~April Bryan

Wow! Powerful Word on last night, so needed and so in season. First, I had just talked to some ladies this week. Our conversation duplicated some of the sermon on last night about it is time for those of us who have been saved for some time, to grow up in the things of God so that the Kingdom of God can grow. Our growth comes from being sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit, believing that which God sends, and standing on that which God speaks. We are to become the witnesses of God to the world that he has called us to become. Praise and Worship-Awesome!!!  ~Panisha Stigger, Memphis, TN

Pastor Darlene,

The service tonight was perfect. Your words were anointed and God moved! I love the illustrations you give in your messages. You make us laugh then think seriously about it. I am so thankful to sit under your ministry. You are an amazing woman. I know God is going to do great things in this conference. He has already touched my life, again.  I love you, Gina Dahlke, Cordova, TN


Conference was wonderful.  Lives were changed.  ~Shirley Gould, Whitehouse, TN

I really enjoyed the whole weekend.  It was very refreshing. ~Toni Coopwood


You did an awesome job this year!  Every speaker just got better and better.  Great conference!  Prayers for all of you and your team!  Can't wait till next year! ~Paula Roper


Heard a good word Thursday night at Cathedral of Praise from Darlene McCarty!  God sometimes has to do a hearing test.  We need to be still to hear His voice.  If we do not hear correctly, we cannot speak or move in Him correctly.  ~Diana Roedel, Cordova, TN


I watched the conference tonight on my computer.  Darlene you blessed me with your sermon, "Can You Hear Me Now?"  ~Mary Smith

Being a repeat attendee at the Honey Conference, it just keeps getting gooder and gooder!!!!  I truly enjoyed the conference and look forward to next year.  ~Crystal Francis


Just watned to say thank you for putting your heart and soul into this year's Honey Conference.  It was GREAT!!!! ~Bradley Cole, Cordova, TN



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