2010 "Honey" Conference




 I Love every time we come down to your church.  The atmosphere of expectancy is always there, and the word is always right on time!!!  You preached your tail off on the sermon "Hindered but Not Defeated".  God used you mightily.   I love you so much and the ministry.  Continue to press this season!  The best is yet to come.  With Love, JaMarcus Watkins, "In His Image Mime Team", Dickson, TN

  I attended the Honey Conference this year for the first time. It was a blessing from God. You see during the past 9 months I have lost so many people in my life. Oct. 2009 I lost a mentor/friend and a cousin with breast cancer 3 hours apart on the same day. During this time my Dad's health was getting bad and he was being tested for cancer.  Praise God it wasn't. My Grandma passed in Dec. 2009 of old age, then my Stepdad in May 2010 then my 16 year old 2nd cousin with Leukemia.  What took me to my praying knees is when my Mom passed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma on June 21,2010 at the age of 67. She had went undiagnosed for over a year by the time she went to Memphis, TN after being in several hospitals in Mo. they found it was at stage 4. Praise God she didn't suffer long but during the conference I had a hole in my heart and was filled with so much pain that became unbearable.

 Since then I'm been born again and attend Church every time the door is open. I praise and worship him every day in my home or just driving. The Holy Spirit has comforted me and is guiding me to levels I never dreamed of in such a short period. Nov. 8th at our Revival I spoke in tongues and went out. I woke up in a different world, eyes wide open. Joy is filling my hole in my heart as I sing and Praise God. I know he has great things for me; I'm excited to see where he takes me next.

 One song that has touched me is by Sheri Easter-Praise His Name. I sing it every day and Julie True- Breathe In these songs has brought me spiritually closer to my Almighty God. I will attend 2011 Honey Conference again. What a blessing it has been for me! "Hindered but Not Defeated". Again I want to Thank you and everyone that was there speaking and for the ladies who prayed with me. God Bless You All. ~Pam Tatum, Batesville, AR

Hi hope you are doing well.  I was at the Honey Conference last week.  I had an awesome time.  I sowed seeds everytime the offering was passed because I really needed a financial blessing,  We have always paid our tithes and put in offerings.  This week I found one of my old wallets with $20 in it (and I never have cash) and also I got $450.00 from something I never would have expected.  Praise God!! He is Awesome.  Tuesday at work I was getting stressed and over whelmed and was walking across the room and just stopped for a second and thought "Hindered but Not Defeated"  and went on and the day got lots better. 

 Thanks for all you guys do for God and others. I plan on being there again next year and bringing my sister in law and daughter in law with me.  ~God Bless you, Jan

Hi Sister Darlene,

 My name is Jessica and I'm from Des Arc, AR. I attended the conference last weekend and brought a friend with me who's name is Sherry.

 Prior to leaving town she and I had lunch together and were discussing our trip. I noticed that she was making some very strange noises and was eating very slow. She told me that she had a  rare disease called Achealasia.  She has lost a lot of weight as it affects her eating and breathing. She could not take deep breaths at all and would sigh loudly to catch her breath. I watched the toll this disease had on her from Thursday to Saturday as we shared a room. Her words in describing it was "torture". 

 She has been extremely shy since childhood and would never speak to ANYONE even when spoken to. People outside of our community would get the wrong impression from her because of this.

Friday morning after service we went to eat and went back to the room and on the way she made the comment "wouldn't it be something if God delivered me from being shy?" I told her the Bible says we have not because we ask not.

Apparently she asked the Lord to not only deliver her from being shy but to heal her as well. Saturday she and I made the 2 hour ride back home after service and it didn't dawn on me until we pulled back into town that she had not been making these noises that I had gotten used to. I looked at her and said Sherry, I haven't heard you make a peep all the way home! She said I know and I drank 2 big glasses of tea with my meal! I just went ooooooooooooo I wonder what He's doing? I took her on home and later that night I sent her a text asking her if the Lord had healed her and she immediately said YES! I replied, "Next He is going to deliver you from being shy", and she replied "He already has". All I could do was thank and praise the Lord!!!  

I remember you saying the proof is in the pudding so I asked her to come to my church Sunday night and give her testimony. NEVER would Sherry stand up and say anything but her response was that she had already approached her Women's leader from her church and had asked to lead testimony service for that Sunday night service. I almost fell out of my seat! Surely the Lord is working!

Our pastor had asked all the ladies from our church to testify as to what we had received from the conference and I was the next to the last one to give my testimony and while I was standing up front telling of the marvelous things that the Lord had done for me, Sherry walked in the front door of our church. She had given her testimony at her church and had come to ours to tell what the Lord had done!!

We are a small community and everyone in this town knows her and how she has been and can easily see for themselves that Jesus is real and at work in people's lives!! Praise His Holy Name!!!!!!

I want to thank you and your staff for opening your hearts and church and having this conference. Our Lord  is at work and speaking to His daughters.  ~ Jessica, Des Arc, AR

From Pastor Darlene:
This e-mail is from the young lady that had just given birth to a little girl 2 days before the conference and the baby only lived a few hours.  Ebony's mother brought her to the conference.  We prayed for Ebony and the women at the conference promised to pray for Ebony for the next several month.  Ebony, remember in your down moments there are a group of ladies calling you name out in prayer.  Pastor Darlene McCarty

From Ebony:
I am doing much better. I definitely thank God for your prayers; they are being heard and answered speedily. When I arrived home on Saturday my father informed me that my uncle had called to tell me that my producer in New York was ready to start my album immediately free of charge! I see now that I had to go through all of that to get to this. In my midnight experience he has given me many songs to help me through it all and I pray that they will help those that will hear them all across the world.

Your book has been a help like no other. My one minute of praise in the times I want to just let go, is giving me strength to keep fighting on. Many people are asking how am I doing it, I inform them that I have activated the peace of God that surpasses all understanding in my life, and my praise has put a demand on my heavenly father to be just what he said he would be to me in my time of need. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for being the willing vessel that has allowed God to use to reach not only me but so many other women that did not understand WHY, but now because of you they know WHO! I love you and as you pray for me know that I am praying for you and the ministry! Thank you once again! ~Ebony Miller

Dear Sweet sister McCarty,

     Greetings in the name of the Lord!!!!!! I want to say what a BLESSING the Eat Thou Honey Conference was this year. The Lord was so faithful in His showing up and showing off factor!!!!! Each speaker had just the word we needed to hear.

     My husband and I pastor the Bride By Grace Church in Water Valley, Ms. The name Bride by Grace comes from we are the Bride of Christ but ONLY by HIS grace!!!! Anyway, this year when I came I was to the point of wanting to give up. It seemed as though we were going down instead of up and one obstacle after another. (You spoke of the recent obstacles in your life or maybe I should say hindrances). I have had a lot of physical issues and just discouragement. Now, my husband and I have pastored for years and I know there are going to be ups and downs. I have had one hindrance and then another one but WE KNOW that we are in the perfect will of GOD and HE will open those doors when HE sees it is time!!!! 

     SOOO many things blessed me at the conference but I wanted to tell you this. When Shirley Arnold spoke on Saturday and prophesied over those three people, all three were with me. Two were church members and one was my niece from Huntsville, Alabama that I talked into coming. She had been away from the Lord for several years and had just come back to the Lord and oh my, what a blessing for her to be in those services and to be prophesied over.

     I purchased your book and got a set of your CDs and have listened to them over and over and over. I listen to them while I am at work or going down the road. One vision that my husband and I have had for years (other than pastoring) is to build a Retreat for Ministers. We realize that so many ministers are leaving the ministry each year and we want to build a place for them to come for refreshing and renewing so that when they leave they will say oh yes, now I remember why I got into the ministry to begin with. We hope to call it Shepherds Rest.

     I HAVE A BURDEN for souls more than anything in this world. I love and appreciate you so much Sis. Darlene. Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers and YOU will never know how GOD spoke to me at this conference but even more these CDs of yours are speaking volumes to me. You said on one of them about having a vision. It was a word I needed to hear. Just know I love you dear sister in Christ.  In Christ, Darlene Burney, Water Valley, MS 


        I wanted to share with you the awesomeness of the conference.  This was my first year attending.  I came expecting a great move of God for his people.  God truly delivered and healed as he moved within the services touching hearts and minds all over.  The ladies I brought had a wonderful time.  One of them immediately indulged into the "One Minute of Praise" as a daily praise time.  
        Every speaker was a blessing! (Hindered But Not Defeated, About This Time Tomorrow, Stay on the Wall as the Weeping Women on behalf of others,  Give God Glory, Declare War on Satan. 
I loved how the Spirit of God was so free flowing and people were invited to come in the aisles, at the altar, just where ever they desired.  Your inviting them to be free in God really blessed me because having that Spirit of freedom is so important (letting go of the pew).  Having that sense of freedom was wonderful!     
       I also loved when Pastor McCarty said to get in groups and praise, again, another opportunity to be free in the Spirit (letting go of the pew). 
       When Pastor Arnold spoke the prophecy of a "Pioneer Movement" through the music Pastor, I saw Praise and Worship on another dimension.  I immediately thought about how the women at the conference were in the aisles, altar, etc.  I saw the regular services just as the conference, with the same Spirit of freedom; people worshipping God in the aisles, altar, etc over taken by the power of God for all services.  
       Last, it was an honor to serve as an Intercessor.  Many, Many Blessings to Come!  ~Panisha Stigger, Memphis, TN


 Dear Pastor Darlene:
Just wanted to let you know that I loved the conference, it was my first. I have been trying to get there for 6 years. Something always came up or I heard about it after the fact. My sister Donna came there 2 years ago and had an awesome experience. I told her that next year I would definitely go, but she told me that you weren't going to have anymore for a while. I was so sadden. I thought that I had missed my chance to go. But I joined your mailing list and received flyers about upcoming events.  I was overjoyed when I received the flyer about the Honey conference this year. And when I opened it and found out that CeCe was going to be there; I just about went through the roof. I told my husband this has got to be a sign from God that something great is going to take place there and that I shouldn't miss this year.

I got to go with my sister's friend's church, The Bride of Grace from Water Valley, Ms. I started praying that God would show up and show out. And boy did He. I loved the whole conference. I can't even begin to tell you what all took place in my life. Chains from my past that held me bound were broken off and my well was uncapped. I have begun to look at my past in a new light.  Please continue to have these conferences. Because I will definitely be there cheering God on.  Have a great day, Eugenia C. Bassillio, Water Valley, MS

     I just wanted to say THANKS!!!!  for allowing the conference to exist this year.  It was worth all the hard work and efforts just for me and my daughter to be in Memphis.  Justine Mathis and spouse agreed with me in prayer after Pastor Randal's message"About  This Time Tomorrow"  that Ebony would agree to come out of the confinements of the hotel room and attend the CEE CEE service.  I called her cell phone and she agreed to come.  It was difficult but I knew God would touch her.  Pastor Randal gave me the "One Minute of Praise " book to give to Ebony.  She wanted to personally thank him for the gift, and then you ministered to her and prayed with her.  My heart was leaping with gratefulness, because God is so faithful. 

    After returning home to MS as we walked into our home I heard Ebony humming a tune, then a few minutes later she began to sing.   We had not heard her sing in days.  We postponed our granddaughter Eden burial until after the conference, because we needed an overhaul from God and I knew that the conference would be the place.  While reading the book, Ebony shared with me that God has given her a song to write.    Also while we were at the conference her father received a phone call, that a well known producer wanted to do an album on Ebony!!!!  
    Thanks for obeying the voice of God and allowing God to speak to you and following his guidance.  We came broken in heart, but left with the pieces being mended together.  We broke every barrier to be there and was blessed.  As a pastor the honey conference was a place to retreat, be renewed, refreshed and reignited to fight the good fight of faith.  Eat Thou Honey, Honey WE DID EAT!!!!!  You all our in our prayers.  ~In His Service, Linette Miller, MS

Pastor Darlene,
I just want to say THANKS! I am shouting that :)
My niece Shelly, was one of the ladies who said LORD if you don't do something I just cannot make it any more. Dr. Shirley Arnold called her out and spoke awesome things over her. She was delivered & for that I think you. Cannot tell you all the blessings I received just in words spoken throughout the meetings. Appreciate ya'! Diane Stribling

Good Afternoon Pastor Darlene,

     I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you again for your love and hospitality. You are a very special and anointed woman of God. I pray that God will continue to bless and keep you encouraged at all times! I love you dearly. Thank you for the books and the love gifts that you've planted into my life. You best believe, I'm going to read every bit of it. I look forward to coming back to fellowship with you all.

     I'd also like to say that every one of your volunteers and Janet has been a major blessing in every way. Your ministry is clearly a ministry of excellence. Everyone work well together appreciating each other's strengths. It is evident that God's Word is taught and exemplified through love. 

     I love you so much and my prayers are with you and Pastor. I'm ever so grateful for the divine connection between us all.  ~Blessings to you!  Shea Clark, CeCe Winans Product Manager, Pure Springs Gospel-Administrative Assistant 




Pastor Darlene,

I have struggled with female problems for over a decade.  In short, I am suffering from endometriosis, abnormal bleeding, and most recently discovered by our fertility specialist that I do not have many good quality eggs left that can produce a baby.  My husband and I have been given close to a 0% chance of conceiving on our own.  I'm sure you can imagine the emotional devastation of realizing that you may not ever be able to have children - especially as my husband and I have been trying to conceive for over two years.

            My friend and my mom felt strongly that I needed to attend the session where you prayed specifically for barren women at your conference.  

            I felt I needed to obey the Lord's prompting to attend the service. When I arrived Saturday morning and found out that I had missed the service I was disappointed and wondered if I had misunderstood what the Lord was asking me to do.  However, the Lord spoke to me and said "Aimee, I knew that you would come on Saturday and there is a reason you are here.  Trust me."

            I believe I was at your conference on Saturday for a reason - to receive a miracle of healing.  I wanted to thank you for taking the time to pray for me specifically - we need a miracle - and I firmly believe the Lord is going to bring us a miracle - a healthy baby that is conceived naturally. 

            Thank you for the work you are doing.  I hope to e-mail you soon with the news we are pregnant.  ~Sincerely, Aimee Puryear

      I have been praying and seeking the Lord for answers to my circumstance. I just knew in my heart that God was doing a new thing, closing one door and opening another. I received confirmation of His Word to me, thru every speaker, including you Pastor, God is so very awesome, He truly works in some amazing ways. I felt like Abraham, in Hebrews 11:8, where it said, he didn`t know where he was going, but God was calling him, and he went in OBEDIENCE and FAITH, Trusting God. I was hindered; then brought out.  Now like Abraham, I don't know what's going to happen, but I'm trusting the Lord, for He is Faithful, and His Word never returns void. I know there is a cost, BUT, God IS Good.... I`m still Praising Him!
      Thank You, for praying for me, being there for me, and being my friend. I Love Ya, You did a GREAT job with the conference. You are a Blessing! ~Lisa Maddox, TN

We love your conference.  We look forward to it every year.  This year, I brought my mother with me and she had a blast.  She had never been to a Women's conference before and she was

I went to the altar after CeCe Winans ministered and one of your altar workers came and tarried at the altar with me. She ministered to me with such love. 

You are such a special lady.  We thank God for you and your husband's ministry.  Continue to excel in the Holy Ghost...God has so much to shower you all with... ~Antonette Butler, AR

Well Glory to GOD! Thanks for preaching & having this conference. I so appreciate all the workers, staff & effort you all do for the Kingdom of GOD & HIS kids.
            Shelly my niece has been really going through a lot of stuff & she had just said LORD, if you don't help me I cannot make it.
            When you said come down front if you have been hindered, she stepped out & sowed a seed. Then she came back to the pew & the LORD said pray for here, while you are standing as close as you can get to her. She was broken & sobbing. HE said  lay your hands on her shoulder. when I did, I physically felt it lift off of her, she did too! So THANKS to you & your church, appreciate you all so much. ~Diane Stribling

Cassandra Skelton came to the conference in 2008 and had been trying to get pregnant for 1 year.  She also requested prayer for another girl @ the same time who became pregnant in 2wks and had a healthy baby boy. Cassandra who was prayed for on Oct 9th was given a pink bassinet candle by you is now pregnant with a baby girl due this month. And the women who prayed for her is also now pregnant!

Pastor Darlene,
     I just want to thank you for your powerful sermon.  It was right on-time for me.  I have had a migraine headache for 17 days.  This is the first day that I have not woke up with a headache.  Praise God!!!  I have seen a neurologist and taken shots to get relief.  You ministered to me in so many areas.  When I got home, I couldn't quit dancing.  It was after 11:30 before I could go to sleep.  I actually got up at 4:45 and had 30 minutes with God and walked on my treadmill, which I have been unable to do for 3 weeks. 
     God bless you for your commitment to Him and the word you brought forth to us.  I am excited to see what God does during the rest of the conference.  ~Gina Dalke, TN

Pastor Darlene, I know I spoke with you a minute Saturday night. But I would just like to reiterate the words I said to you "I love you"! U r an amazing woman of God. And everything I had been feeling you brought out in your message. I had felt there was a ministry for me but felt as if I was in the wrong church for it to be manifested. Then I remembered that u said God prepositions u in a place and though it may feel dry or dead that's when your faith is at its highest. I have seen God totally illuminate me with his spirit over the last few months.
I will forever be indebted to for you love and the workings of Christ and for NEVER giving up on me.  ~Cindy Culver, TN


I haven't had a monthly cycle in at least 4 years.  Went to a fertility doctor back home in Chattanooga and they put me on all kinds of medicines and shots and after 3 months I gave up. So I stood in last night for prayer for myself to get pregnant. I went to bed last night and had a hard time falling asleep at first. All of a sudden I felt my belly inflate and deflate. It was odd to me but that's all I remember and I fell asleep and had a very restful sleep which I haven't had all week by the way!! Lol! Ok... So.... I'm in Costco shopping I needed to go to the restroom and without going into too much detail I noticed my cycle came back! I just needed to tell someone because I am overwhelmed and excited and after Brads mom being healed of cancer and my monthly cycle returning after 4 years this has been an awesome week!
Thank you! Thank God! On a funny note I never thought I'd say I was glad to have my monthly cycle again! I mean...what female likes that monthly friend!!! Hahaha! ~Genie, TN

I believe this conference has been a crowd of warriors. Warriors that came for fresh rations, more ammunition, with their re-enlist papers signed, and their minds made up to fight to the finish. Many were first-timers, new recruits getting in on basic training; the repeat attendees, seasoned troops awaiting orders from headquarters.

I truly thank God for the conference, Carla Reynolds, Humboldt, TN


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